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Handle: Blued Mammoth Molar

Bolsters: Chad Nichols "Lizard Skin" Damascus

Button: Chad Nichols "Lizard Skin" Damascus

Blade: Chad Nichols "Cheetah" Damascus

Liners: Teal Green Anodized Titanium File Worked

Back Spacer:​ 440C Stainless Steel File Worked

Blade Length:3.75"

Closed Length:4.75"

Overall Length:8.325"

Weight:5.5 oz.

Blade Steel/ Spacer: Blued Chad Nichols " Boomerang" Damascus  Scales: Chad Nichols  Moki- Ti " Boomerang"  Damascus  Backspacer:​ Blued Chad Nichols "Boomerang" Damascus  Blade/Spacers: Niter Gun Blue Salts  Scales/Pivots: Electrical Anodized  Pivots: 6AL4V Titanium  Bearings:​ Nylon/Steel  Knife Type: Custom Pin Stop Bali Song  Lock Type: Removable Latch      

​Bent Dagger


Handles: Blued Titanium

Blade: ATS-34

Blade Length:4.75"


Overall Length:10.375"

Weight:4.8 oz.

Butt Cap: T-Latch

Reverse Werncliff Traditional Bali Song

Handles:Chad Nichols " Iguana" Damascus w/Tortoise shell Inlays and 24K Gold Backing   

Blade: Chad Nichols "Iguana" Damascus  

Handle Length:5.375"

Blade Length:4.875"  

Closed Length:5.75"  

Overall Length:​10.25"

This Traditional Proto Damascus Butterfly from Kyle Vallotton is a fantastic knife. 
Creativity and knife-making talent runs in the Vallotton family. This butterfly knife 
has a Chad Nichols "Iguana" Damascus steel dagger style blade, with just one sharpened edge. The handles are also "Iguana" Damascus and feature tortoise shell inlays with 24K gold backing.        

​Ice Pick

Coffin Butterfly

Handle:6AL4V Anodized Dark Blue Titanium

Blade: ATS-34

Blade Finish: Satin

Lock: Removable Latch

Handle Length:5.50"

Blade Length:4.375"

Overall Length:9.825"


​Broad Sword

Handle: Mammoth Molar

Bolsters: Chad Nichol "Iguana" Damascus

Button: Chad Nichols "Iguana" Damascus

Blade: Chad Nichols "Iguana" Damascus

Liners:  Blue Anodized Titanium File Worked

Back Spacer: Stainless Steel File Worked

Handle Length:5.50"

Blade Length:4.50"

Overall Length:10.00"

Weight:7.61 oz.

Traditional Proto Damascus Butterfly

Any Ivory shown on the knives on this site are pre-ban Ivory. We will not be using Ivory anymore on our knives.

Handles: T6 Anodized Metallic Purple

Blade: 154CM

Blade Length:4.75"

Overall Length 10"

Weight:4.4 oz.

This Kyle Vallotton built custom made Icepick Balisong has a shank/shiv style vented 
double edge blade with a false edge on the top portion. The T6 handles are anodized in 
metallic purple. This is a latchless balisong design with a very tight fit - no blade 
wiggle at all in the open position and yet it glides nicely in the swing.


Blade: ATS-34/ Satin Finish

Color: Bronze  

Handle Length: 4.825"  

Blade Length: 4.125"  

Overall Length:9.00"